Loving, In-home Pet Care for your "Furry Children"

Furry Godmother Pet Sitter

Pet owners face a dilemma when they travel on vacation or business.

Your choices are to board your pets at a kennel, or to have a friend, family member or kid next door come in to care for them.

Many pets are stressed by going to a kennel in addition to being exposed to possible illnesses of other animals.


The Furry Godmother provides a convenient and stress free alternative to boarding your pets and leaving your home unattended while you're traveling.

We tailor each visit to your pet and your specific needs.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with every request that you have for your pet.

Your appointments are guaranteed, as is your satisfaction.

Animals give us unconditional love, companionship and security, turning our houses into homes.


Our job is to keep your pets safe and happy and your home secure while you're away. We understand how difficult separation can be for both pets and people and feel your peace of mind and your pet's well being are our responsibility. It is important that our clients are comfortable with us, but ultimately your pets will decide how good our service is. Animals have a way of simplifying things; they will pick who they trust based on what we do and who we are, not what we say.
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Furry Godmother Petsitter
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